I have never felt so blessed in my life before.

I am about to get married to the love of my life in my dream place (the maldives) with all the people I love, and I can hope for an healthy life.

The fact that I know how fragile everything is in reality, makes it even more special to me

I believe that those who are blessed and lucky in life should try to give back in as many ways as possible. I don’t believe you have to become a UN ambassador to do so or to give half your money away (unless you feel like it, then please do! In that case, please do not tell us about it!

I am not one to quote the bible but remember when it comes to charity “Your left hand should not know what your right hand is doing” )

I once would have felt guilty for experiencing this kind of bliss, now I don’t because I know I deserve it (I just wish more people were in the same state right now!) and not because I have been through a lot of pain and I had cancer three times but (surprise, surprise!) because I am a fucking child of the universe and we all deserve to be happy!

So here’s a reminder to myself – that I think might be useful to others as well – on how to give back this great energy and put it back out there to share with others.

1) Be a mother, be a sister, be a friend to the people that surround you. Don’t be one of those that feel so deeply about injustices from far away, make sure to go visit your own grandma or to check in on a friend who need it most.

2) Be aware. In order to be there for the people in your community (and I mean your friends, your co-workers, you child’s teachers … you know who they are) you need to keep your eyes open and ask: “how are you?” And sometimes be like: “no, really… how are you? I might be wrong but I feel there’s something going on with you” let them know you are there.

3) Offer your time. Time is the most precious thing we have because well… once given it can never been taken back and we can not buy more. So give your time, spend it with your friends and family, no instagram, no whatsap, no phone what so ever.

4) That is very italian of me but prepare food for people, don’t just buy some cake and it bring it over to your friends. Make something with your hands, while you prepare it listen to music, get your hands dirty, put your heart in it, have fun.

5) if you have a skill teach it, or give it away. I speak Russian and I often find myself interpreting for lost people, that is just an example of a simple way give kindness

6) Ask simple questions as: ” can I do something for you? Do you need something?” Do not wait until help is required, offer it freely.

7)listen. Listen without giving your opinion. It’s not that needed. Listen without judging, without being the focus, forget about yourself. Just lend your ear and wait

8) For people without kids – like me – baby sit your friend’s kids! You don’t know it but you might be saving a life 😉 ( and yes I am taking about the kid’s life! And yess I am totally joking!)

9) Give compliments freely. Whenever you think something nice about someone say it, whenever you notice something ugly about someone try to also notice something positive about them, even if only silently in your mind. Let’s stop being so judgy one of each other. The world needs it, people need it.

10) Be Kind. Be overly kind. Be un-necessary kind. Be kind in a weird way.

I hope to inspire someone with this and more so to keep inspiring myself to act like that!



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