During the warm season it’s worth exploring Europe and forget exotic destinations.

Overseas paradises are better when here is winter and you can find there a pleasant weather. When summer comes, Europe and Italy are my favorite choices. That’s why, me and my husband, have been to Amalfi Coast for our first honeymoon.

Let’s start from the negative sides:

  • Prices of course! We didn’t pay to much attention about prices as it was our honeymoon and blab la bla, but honestly if I should go back to Amalfi Coast, especially Positano and Ravello, I would prefer B&B, cheaper and cute. In Capri is almost impossible to find low cost accommodation.
  • Starred restaurant. During our stay we have been intrigued by some famous and starred restaurant, but honestly nothing can be better than a honest clam pasta. And when you add sea asparagus and oysters leaves… the result will be definitely worse.
  • Physical effort: Especially Positano and Capri are full of ups and downs and they need to be walked a lot. I was coming off chemios and a wedding (more demanding wedding than chemios) and sincerely, I struggled most of the time.

Finally let’s talk about positive sides:

  • The beauty. And I could even stop writing. But I need to say: when you meet other Italians, it’s pretty common to hear that Italy is the most beautiful country in the world. I always object to this kind of statements, it’s like saying that your own parents are the best in the world… very easy to say. But watching Positano from the top of Monte Petruso… could raise significant doubts.
  • Food. As I said before, nothing can be better than a honest clam pasta, limoncello and pastiera cake… so, if you are able to avoid tourist rip-off and choose good restaurants, food is one of the reason to visit the Amalfi Coast.
  • Handcraft. In Amalfi cost you can find many typical souvenirs. I recommend ceramics and fabrics in Positano, sandals in Capri and then, clearly … don’t you want to take home a mozzarella or a sfogliatella?

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