Here’s 5 things to do for your bestie when organizing her bachelorette and 5 things to avoid !

1) DO prepare a nice kit for the group as the coordinated swimsuit the girls got us or a nice “hangover” kit, you can find those things on my best friend: amazon !

2) DO book tables and clubs for the group, no random last minute decisions !

3) DO Find a stripper, even if she says she doesn’t want to !

It’s just for the memories and it doesn’t have to be something tacky or gross, just a guy dancing and your girl super embarrassed

4) DO play some group game, maybe an alcoholic one.

I know school time is over but it can be nice to go back being teenagers and gossipping about guys with a shot of vodka going along !

My friends downloaded some question about my relationship and they also had my future husband’s answers.

And yes the wedding is still on 😉

5) DO Organize a girls beauty moment:  some cucumbers to depuff your eyes and a nice mask. Just a chilling moment since the rest of the time will be on a tight schedule!

1) DON’T stress the future bride unless you want to see a Bridezilla moment !

2) DON’T go running to her with problems spoiling the surprises ! The temptation to do so will be great but try and resist

3) DON’T be indecisive, give your opinion freely !

4) DON’T fight with the others, a cat fight? Seriously?!

5) DON’T let the maid of honor be the only organizer, cooperate for your girl.

She will appreciate the extra love ❤️???


I had my bachelorette party last weekend with 10 of my faves girls, it was in Costa Smeralda Sardinia.

My favorite place to party is actually Mykonos, Greece, but since my recent health issues I shouldn’t really be drinking so I figured Mykonos would have been to much of a temptation for me… therefore we compromised with Sardinia.

And these are just my kind of compromises ???? !!!

Can you see how sad I was ? 😉 !

So it all started with me booking a place for 11 girls in porto cervo last friday evening, only to arrive there at 10 PM and find out I didn’t book there but somewhere else ( I still haven’t figured out where! ). They were not expecting us but serendipity came in handy as I actually new the owner of the place vert well so I got a really nice treatment ????

I ended up having a couple of glasses of wine more than I had planned …still better then Mykonos though

We got there, had some nice pasta, drank some good Vermentino ( typical sardinian white wine ), smoked some Hookah, danced the booze away and … at the end I was surprised with a chest-naked guy that brought us a bottle of champagne, now that’s what I call gender equality!

Day one gone, I woke up on day two with a huge desire to drink a gallon of water, at least.

Around 11 AM though my friends all gathered in the swimming pool and urged me to sit on chair… when the music started to play I knew what was about to happen, or so I thought at least !

What I didn’t know was that the neighbors would have started to spy us from above, cheering and encouraging the dancer ( two ladies with their grandson that looked about 11 years old! ) making everyone super uncomfortable including the dancer ????????!

My friends afterwards complained (because the stripper got shy and didn’t dance, but still asked for those Sardinian kind of money!) and the poor guy almost cried ???? !

I am sorry for him but this makes for a great story… gangster girls that made the stripper cry ???? !

The party ended at ” Phi Beach ” a really nice club on the beach with great view on the sunset … that night Skin from the Smashing Pumpkin was playing, I went home earlier because I was super tired but my friends told me she was amazing !

I hope you guys enjoyed this little story !



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