During the warm season it’s worth exploring Europe and forget exotic destinations.

Overseas paradises are better when here is winter and you can find there a pleasant weather. When summer comes, Europe and Italy are my favorite choices. That’s why, me and my husband, have been to Amalfi Coast for our first honeymoon.

Let’s start from the negative sides:

  • Prices of course! We didn’t pay to much attention about prices as it was our honeymoon and blab la bla, but honestly if I should go back to Amalfi Coast, especially Positano and Ravello, I would prefer B&B, cheaper and cute. In Capri is almost impossible to find low cost accommodation.
  • Starred restaurant. During our stay we have been intrigued by some famous and starred restaurant, but honestly nothing can be better than a honest clam pasta. And when you add sea asparagus and oysters leaves… the result will be definitely worse.
  • Physical effort: Especially Positano and Capri are full of ups and downs and they need to be walked a lot. I was coming off chemios and a wedding (more demanding wedding than chemios) and sincerely, I struggled most of the time.

Finally let’s talk about positive sides:

  • The beauty. And I could even stop writing. But I need to say: when you meet other Italians, it’s pretty common to hear that Italy is the most beautiful country in the world. I always object to this kind of statements, it’s like saying that your own parents are the best in the world… very easy to say. But watching Positano from the top of Monte Petruso… could raise significant doubts.
  • Food. As I said before, nothing can be better than a honest clam pasta, limoncello and pastiera cake… so, if you are able to avoid tourist rip-off and choose good restaurants, food is one of the reason to visit the Amalfi Coast.
  • Handcraft. In Amalfi cost you can find many typical souvenirs. I recommend ceramics and fabrics in Positano, sandals in Capri and then, clearly … don’t you want to take home a mozzarella or a sfogliatella?

Beside beaches, surf, hills and movies Los Angeles has a great variety of restaurants making this beautiful city a destination for all those that considers themselves as foodies.


It’s a fancy restaurant on the Hollywood boulevard, even though the place is huge ( it has three different rooms) it has an intimate feel. The chef is Katsuya Uechi one of only four master sushi in LA and you can taste that! Absolutely a place to try


Located in West Hollywood is one of the many restaurants owned by RoberT De Niro. We went there for new year’s eve, the food wasn’t great honestly but the party was nice!

Sugar Fish

I had been on their New York spot and I was curious to try this, the original one. It does not disappoint, the furniture are very simple as in new york, the menu is  cheap especially when the quality is that high (even though you will order so much Albacore tuna you’ll still manage to make it expensive!) one of my favorites!

Nobu Malibu

The location itself make this place  worth of a visit! The view of the malibu beach at the sunset is incredibly beautiful and of course the food that comes along is equally special. You can order both traditional and contemporary sushi, please don’t forget the cocktails!

Silver Ramen

my husband swear this is the best ramen in the world, he says he has looked a lot in NY for a place with such a high standard and says he hasn’t found one yet. The broth is awesome and the line is very long!

In n Out

I recall the place so and so, since now recreational weed is legal in California I thought I could try a bit before going to this famous burger spot and…. well, best burger ever!


This place used to be charlie chaplin’s house, now is a really cool spot. A bit more easy day time and slightly more formal in the evening, I had handws down the best salad of the past and present year


I was tremendously curious to try the “original” Nobu, infact it’s here that the chef was approached by actor and restaurant guru Robert De Niro in order to join forces and create what Nobu is today. The food is excellent, the place is packed and the menu is similar to the other Nobu but not the same. I had a caviar taco with guacamole that made my night!

A list of places I enjoy in New York

Tavern 62 by David Burke
This place is a real gem! The ambience is super cozy the food is savory, comforting and yet sophisticated

Bar Italia
Upper east side
If you are doing some super chick shopping and you are being fabulous on Madison avenue stop here for a fancy Lychee-Martini and have some Veal Milanese
(Sounds like a bad combo? Please wait and try it!)

Candle Cafe
If you like food you have to try this place, if you are vegan you must try it, especially if you are an italian/European vegan their food is just so much better than the typical vegan food you can find in Italy. Burgers, Indian dishes, salads, fresh pressed juice and organic cocktail, everything is great! My favorite is the carrot cake

Central Park South
Sarabeth’s has been my first love in NY and still my favorite brunch spot: great eggs, awesome pancakes and the fluffy toast are just like a cloud in your mouth!

Bar Masa
Bar masa at the top of the columbus circle mall. In the same floor you can find some of the best restaurants of the city Per-Se with its outstanding view, the Central Bar, and the adjacent Bar Masa and Restaurant Masa. I haven’t been yet at the Restaurant but I have been a few times at Bar Masa and I really love their food.
Both meat and fish are great, and I find both the traditional sushi plates and the innovative dishes are really good.
My favorites is a cream of sea urchin that comes in its shell with white truffle on top, delicious!

I pride myself of not being one of those italian that miss Italy so much and think our country and our food are the best… but I admit that after a while there are things that make me feel nostalgic. There are places where you can have more sophisticated italian food in NY for sure but Tarallucci&Vino makes me feel at home, I can order a Spritz or a Negroni (God knows I love Aperol&Campari) order a bruschetta and then go …

Bel Ami

It’s a cute little spot on the upper east side where you can stop while transitioning from shopping to museums ( it’s fairly close both to the Met and the Guggenheim but far away from chaos and madness ) they have good cappuccinos and amazing pastries !

The picture portraits a Canelé if you’ve never tried it please do !

Hope you enjoyed this post!



I usually spend my summers at the sea and never, ever, had crossed my mind the idea to go to the mountains during summertime.

My friend Chantal though has invited me consistently to her house in Livigno over the past four\five years, this years she gave up and didn’t ask me, so of course I decided to invite myself and go…

I found out that I actually love going to the mountains summer time and I will be back for sure… here’s why

  1. It’s so peaceful . During summer the beach can be exhaustive, the search for the perfect spot actually turns into a life-threatening fight for a single spot, and you might end up in a tiny crowded space. That’s not going to happen in the mountains!
  2. You can eat more! When you are at higher altitude you actually burn more calories just to live, plus the chillier weather calls for some yummy comfort food also you’ll probably move more … You will find yourself hiking even if you don’t want to, because for sure there’s going to be something to be seen “just half an hour of walk away”. Be aware that’s what your in-shape friends will call it, but in reality you will be walking for hours…
  3. No effort. No search for the perfect dress or outfit. You just need a good pair of sneakers and hiking pants
  4. No sweating, fainting, low blood pressure you just have to sit and enjoy the breeze on the grass and you’ll still get a tan!
  5. The amazing landscape… here some pictures from my trip in Livigno (italy)
  1. Dubai is probably nothing like what you have seen before. It’s one of those cities ( like Moscow, Bangkok or Rio de Jaineiro) that are just unique. What makes this metropolis so distinctive it’s the mixture of the modern architecture and luxurious brands, basically the epitome of western culture, with Arabic culture. To me is just fascinating to witness how those two have managed to merge together.
  2. The food! Ok I am Italian so to me food has to be on the top reasons why I visit a place. In Dubai you can find amazing international restaurants as well as incredible arabic or persian restaurants. I am personally a lover of arabic food and I did enjoyed my fair share of Shawarma (sort of a kebab-sandwich) and hummus.
  3. If you want to take a break and rest during a long trip this is the perfect stop. It’s very well connected, the airport is simply unbelievable (I should write a post only regarding the emirates lounge!), and you don’t need much time to see the city. I think two-three days would suffice !
  4. if you live in Europe and want to go somewhere warm during the winter time Dubai is a great destination. It’s not far (from Milan it’s a six hours direct flight), once you get there in 20 minutes you can be at the beach and there’s not a big time difference so you wont waste 3 out of 4 days being jet lagged and sleepy.
  5. Perfumes and kaftans! I am a perfume lover and in Dubai you can find the most amazing oriental fragrances (amber, incense, vanilla, and all kind of spices) using these scents will help you leave an exotic and mysterious note behind you.

The same goes for silk kaftans which are those long ankle length robe-like pieces of garments with flowly sleeves.

Kaftans are so beautiful and wearing one those in your house, instead of one your grandma’s pijiamas (I am guilty also, don’t worry!), you’d be equally comfortable and more eye candy! Plus this summer it’s a great trend to rock: silk robes over bikinis instead of a cover ups.

I can say all of the above from direct experience: on  the way back from the Maldives the newly weds (aka Me and Hubby) stopped one night in Dubai.

My husband had never been there before and he wanted to check out the place, I wanted to rest and stop the long trip and also as some of you might know already I am on a mission: check all the Zuma’s in the world. There’s not really a reason for that, but when I went to my first Zuma (in New York) I  fell in love with the food, the cocktails and their desserts, they have one that I really love: it’s like a of all their desserts and is the dream of any food lover!

Anyway we checked out the MALL witch was really close to our hotel, the Burj Khalifa because I mean, how could you not? But we missed the Burj Al Arabi… it’s going to be for next time ! I will put also some pics of the Souk (the typical arabic market ) I didn’t take those but my cousin was also there and she went

Dubai is probably nothing like what you have seen before. It’s one of those cities ( like Moscow, Bangkok or Rio de Jaineiro) that are just unique. What makes this metropolis so distinctive it’s the mixture of the modern architecture and luxurious brands, basically the epitome of western culture, with Arabic culture.

  1. The Maldives are a group of Islands in the indian ocean, they consist of a group of 26 atolls whose closest countries are Sri Lanka and India. The islands are roughly two meters above the sea level and that makes it the lowest country in the world; in-fact the Maldives are sinking! Some islands already sunk and some are being eroded right now as we write and read … this is the number one reason why you should visit the Maldives! Who knows how long they are gonna be here for?
  2. They are the best place in the world. Believe me… I have been lucky in my life and I have traveled a lot! I have seen most of the Caribbean, Seychelles, Mauritius, thailand, Fiji, Sardinia, Sicily, Greece islands, Ibiza, south of France and I am afraid I am forgetting something … but in terms of Sea and peace I believe nothing can compare to the Maldives. Funny fact: I hate doing whole body scans, they give so much anxiety… like real anxiety. I can’t breathe, I sweat, I have horrible nightmares before… while I am in the machine I always think about the Maldives!
  3. There are bio luminescent phenomenons in many areas… I will go tonight on a snorkeling tour to see the fishes and I have one been scuba diving during the night with the bioluminescent plants and corals and it was pretty awesome ! I have never seen this on the shore but something very similar in the water!
  4. The weather is awesome, it is hot but it doesn’t kill you; you have seen the pictures and this is like… rainy season!
  5. You can take a break during your trip and stop one night in Dubai !
  6. It is with no doubts a luxurious vacation and an exclusive experience but it doesn’t have all the fuss and awful snob attitude you can find in places like *** *** *** (insert name here ???? ) so it means you can enjoy an amazing resort with people actually smiling at each other and you don’t need to wear your makeup to look your absolute best…
  7. Actually all you need is a swimsuit and a pareo. Ladies you don’t need to wear shoes! It means that you tired covered-in-blisters feet can actually rest !!!
  8. The sunset is beautiful but is super early which means at 9 maximum you’ll probably go to sleep so it’s a vacation where you will actually rest!
  9. I woke up this morning and I saw a small shark from my water villa
  10. The food won’t be elaborate, but I can guarantee on fresh fish and really tasty fruits and juices!

    … Like this lychee juice !

Guys I rest my case, tell me what you think about it !!!



Another “things you can do other than eating” kind of post! It looks like it could become my new niche ????

The other evening I texted my cousin Cecilia – she is also here in Sardinia for a couple of weeks – asking her if she wanted to meet up the next day. She is a cool gal so of course she answered ” Sorry, I can’t. I am going horseback riding in the sea tomorrow morning” to which I immediately replied “don’t care if I am not invited, count me in!”

Last time I did something like that I was a 25 year old broken hearted girl (oh, also I was in Bahamas… not that bad!)

It was awesome!

In yoga to focus your whole attention on one action without distractions is considered a form of active meditation, and that’s exactly what this experience was to me. It was just me, the water, the horse and the nature around us.

I strongly recommend this activity !

Stay in touch for my next post about my bachelorette weekend in Sardinia with 11 girls ???? !



My mom usually spends her whole summer in our house in Porto Cervo while me and my dad come and go through out the months.
Last week I was there with her, unfortunately there’s no exciting story about restaurants or typical food because I was on a strict diet and daily workout regimen, I asked my mom to help me and guys she would be an excellent nutritionist! Truth to be told she rarely follow her own advices and survives on a diet of champagne and san carlo chips! She’s a real diva guys! Gotta love her !

Jokes apart I will write a post about losing weight as a cancer patient, maybe I can help some fellow survivor ( or some fellow survivor could help me: helloooo I am here!!! ) because it is proving to be quite the ultimate challenge… the combination of hormonal suppresion, chemo pills, other pills, pills for the other pills, tiredness and bla bla just make the fat want to stick quite stubbornly on me, and I understand it, I am quite a lovable person and I wouldn’t want to leave me ass well ???????????? ! ( me ass is a typo but it reads like leave my ass which it’s actually quite the point !!! )

Anyhow, even though it might sound absurd to any native Italian ear’s it is actually possibile to have fun without indulging in amazing luxurious food! This is how I did it:

I went to a flea market that takes place every friday in porto cervo in front of  the sottovento club. I bought some linen shirts for my husband-to-be and I was pleased both with the price and the quality, while my mom bought a lot of decors for the house in the shape of wooden-fishes and other interesting objects.

I left my heart on a 400 euros white cotton caftan and instead I bought an ankles-long cotton  t-shirt (25 euros ???? ) and I absolutely love it, now I don’t want to take it off like … ever !!!

Another lovely activity was going with my mom for an aperitivo in the “center” of Porto Cervo or maybe I could say porto cervo downtown????. Because of the aforementioned diet my aperitif consisted of sparkling water with ice and lemon instead of aperol spritz as the Gods commanded us!- afterwards I enjoyed a bit of shopping – hey, I have to indulge in something, right??? –

here’s my outfit for the little porto-cervo escapade, I am posting it cause I was absolutely in love with it ! Please note my little bag and be aware that my I-phone plus doesn’t even fit in there !!

I didn’t mention the beautiful Sardinian Sea which is the main reason why you should go and visit … but I will write a post about my adventures by boat on the seas of sardinia in beautiful areas like tahiti, mortorio, spargi, asinara, la pelosa and my favorite place Bonifacio- Corsica!

Now I am off to Cyprus – turkish part – for a week of Hallumi and yoga ???? !

I hope you enjoyed the post and gathered some ideas of how to have fun in places other than the dinner table!



Last week we decided to go have dinner in Rione Monti at a restaurant called Madre.

It immediately occurred to my mind that an old friend of mine owns a yoga studio there (I also happen to be a yoga freak!) and  I decided to enjoy two of my favorite things in the world in one night: yoga&food !

I first went to Yogayur’s location in monti where my friend Federico introduce me to Fabrizio who taught us an intense, slow-paced and breath centered, a class that I really enjoyed.

For some reason though ( I mean, hello, I know the reason… I am smart like that ???? ) I confused Rione Monti for Monteverde, well, I really thought they were the same… but while Monteverde – as the name suggests, in Italian it means green hill – is a residential area where you essentially move by car, Rione Monti is a young lively place situated in the center of Rome, there people move by bikes or walking and the streets are mainly … cobblestone!

All the above to explain why this happened

While I now have a fancy vintage-looking picture that I can proudly share on my social medias, at the same time ,as you might see from my funny facial expression, I was really worried about the safety of my brand new loboutins !

Do not worry shoe lovers, the girls are safe and sound! I promptly turned myself into a ballerina and walked all around the neighborhood on the tips of my toes, on pointe !

We are now about to play a new game: spot the differences:

Same thing, right ?!

Anyhow… if you guys happen to be in Rome you must visit Monti and go to Yogayur for a nice yoga class ????????

Also… give Madre a try, it’s a bold mix for a in italian restaurant… their menu offers pizza, maritozzi*, ceviches, tacos, and a variety of fish and meat that you can cook yourself on a hot stone, all paired with nice wine and cocktails!

Maritozzo: I didn’t know what it was actually, and I was satisfied to learn something new about italian food. Maritozzi are usually a dessert made with a sweet bread and filled with whipped cream, at Madre they were turned into delicious sandwiches, I couldn’t quite enjoy them because I am on a pre-wedding diet but I definitely plan to go back in the fall!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you appreciate how brave I was sharing the very distressing story of my new shoes ???? !



Every time I come to Rome I end up discovering something new, this time was Via Margutta: the street of the artists.

The street owes it’s fame to artists like Federico Fellini and Picasso that once lived there, afterwards it was chosen as the house of Gregory Peck in the timeless movie: roman holidays. The fame of the movie led to an increase in prices that caused many artists, such as painters and sculptures, to leave the area. Nowadays it came back to its roots and is filled with numerous restaurants, art galleries,  interior design stores and marble engravers.

We decided to meet some friends for lunch at “Margutta Bio” where we enjoyed a nice vegetarian buffet ( I love Italian cuisine, but I think we really have to work on our idea of “vegetarian food” though, the main protein source was cheese, as it often happens in Europe!). After lunch we religiously enjoyed our espressos all together (you never say “no” to someone that offers you an espresso here in Italy, it’s how most of our love stories and friendships start -and end-), we thought our experience with via Margutta was done but little did we know we found ourselves back there again for dinner with my fiancé’s sister. We went to “Babette” a really nice place, with lots of books and art pieces inside that create a warm atmosphere, good italian food on top of that. At this point we were hooked with via Margutta and as the italian say goes “there’s not a second time without a third one!” so we decide to go for our only solo roman date to the famous Osteria Margutta. First of all for all those who are not familiar with the term “osteria” (I feel really sorry for you guys!) it’s a small restaurant where typical regional italian food is served, originally it indicated a cheap place, nowadays it can also be a michelin star restaurant, so be aware!
In osteria Margutta I finally enjoyed a great dish of pasta all’amatriciana ( you guys prove to be steady followers I will eventually share my recipe with you ???? !) and a superb tagliolini al limone, pasta with lemon and butter (not very traditional for us, but I really enjoyed a nice variation on a classic!) we paired these yummy dishes with a great italian red wine -my current favorite- Barolo.

My face really says it all: pasta is life guys! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it will be useful even if just for dreaming about Rome or to give you an idea for your next trip! See you soon with my description of the great ” rione monti” another beautiful area in Rome!