First of all I will start with my CV, in other words I will explain why I can give chemo-advices.

I had my first 16 chemotherapies between December 2014 and June 2015.

The first four were a mix of anthracyclines and other drugs (terrible and feared red chemo) every 21 days, then taxol once a week 12 times. During these therapies I used dignicap, a treatment that prevents the hair loss, reducing the temperature of the scalp to 3 degrees.

In 2017

I had low dose mixed chemos in Germany and hyperthermia therapy (the temperature of your body raises to 40 degrees in order to open cells).

In 2019

I tried low dose Nivolumab.

Now I am doing chemos once a month till October.


This kind of experience is making me say that:

  • every drug is different
  • every person reacts in his own way
  • we need to give attention to some specific aspects

Things to do before chemos:

Dental hygiene

is essential before therapies because one of the most common – after chemo – disease is aphta and oral mucosa injuries, so it’s essential to “start in order”.

Mouthwashes and vitamins B.

When the pain for apthas or mucosa injuries is unbearable I usually take a pill of Bentelan, that’s pretty painful but in my experience is an effective solution to close the most stubborn sores.

You can also take Mucosyne or Alovex products!

In the next episodes we will talk about light sensitivity, hand-foot syndrome and so much more.

With love, Lisa

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