With this blog I want to share all the adventures I have the pleasure to live, so… what’s next in my life?

In the next month or so I’ll visit Rome, Sardinia, Milan and Cyprus, therefore you can expect advices, pictures and thoughts about where to go, what to do along with my take on those places !

Over the next year I’ll get married several times ( with the same awesome dude of course! ) … first time being in the Maldives In August, then in may 2019 in BresciaItaly – and maybe also in Los Angeles with an Iranian ceremony during the fall … so lots of advices for destination weddings, weddings in general and maybe some cheesy posts about love, sorry but I can’t help myself!!

In December my second book should be released … and that’s pretty exciting news for me!

The first two months of the next year, will be dedicated to an around the world journey that will take me and my -by then- husband into amazing places like Ushuaya-argentina- Japan – Botswana – Vietnam and much more…

I figured that with so many exciting things ahead I should keep a diary … so why not share it with other people and get some ideas and good energy flowing ?

Last but not least I also happen to be a 3x cancer survivor, I am sure at some point updates about my health and my recovering journey along with the painful story behind it will make an appearance…

That’s it for my first post, I hope I gave an idea of the many things I’ll be writing about even though I could not fit all my interests in this short page… so let’s keep in touch !



Picture taken in New York

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