Another “things you can do other than eating” kind of post! It looks like it could become my new niche ????

The other evening I texted my cousin Cecilia – she is also here in Sardinia for a couple of weeks – asking her if she wanted to meet up the next day. She is a cool gal so of course she answered ” Sorry, I can’t. I am going horseback riding in the sea tomorrow morning” to which I immediately replied “don’t care if I am not invited, count me in!”

Last time I did something like that I was a 25 year old broken hearted girl (oh, also I was in Bahamas… not that bad!)

It was awesome!

In yoga to focus your whole attention on one action without distractions is considered a form of active meditation, and that’s exactly what this experience was to me. It was just me, the water, the horse and the nature around us.

I strongly recommend this activity !

Stay in touch for my next post about my bachelorette weekend in Sardinia with 11 girls ???? !



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