I am about to share the story of how and why I decided to color my hair and some amazing tips on keeping your mane healthy and shiny !!

What was I supposed to do with my hair at 29 after getting cancer twice and losing what I had considered my major beauty-trait for the previous 28 years?!

I went through all the colors of the rainbow, of course!

It started off pretty shy with just some splash of color on the ends …

First transformation turned me into a bright green-haired fairy, but that was a mistake and I have no evidences of that crime 😉 !

After that I tried a nice turquoise and that was my favorite, I felt so punk-rock-chic all the time !

The last color was a oh-so-romantic violet (the most appreciated of all by popular vote )

Everyone asks me how I kept my hair healthy during that time, here’s what I think I’ve done right !

1) I bleached my hair only once and I didn’t go all the way to that white/blonde color but I stopped a couple of shades before, let’s say a barbie blonde.

Also I didn’t do it myself I went to a hairdresser that I trusted and that used products that I trusted as well. Afterwards I only used pigments on my hair or gloss and that is not damaging at all

2) I kept the hair short during that time and I trimmed frequently!

3) I applied drops of oil on a daily basis

4) I would deep condition my hair once a week either with coconut oil, some mask that I bought or with some home made mask based with egg-olive oil-yogurt-avocado-banana I tried it all and it works great!

5) genetics… sorry !

And this is a reality check that goes for all girls, sometimes we are blessed with some amazing traits and we overlook them to follow what is impossible. I can color my hair cause I have thick hair, but I cannot eat burgers everyday cause I have a bad metabolism! ( I eat them every other day and I try to embrace my curvy figure, but that makes it for another post…) So all these advices are good and real but only if your hair are not the thin type !

The story of my hair doesn’t end here; I did try one more thing… extensions (in part 3)!

I hope you enjoyed the post, let me know what you guys think!



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