Beside beaches, surf, hills and movies Los Angeles has a great variety of restaurants making this beautiful city a destination for all those that considers themselves as foodies.


It’s a fancy restaurant on the Hollywood boulevard, even though the place is huge ( it has three different rooms) it has an intimate feel. The chef is Katsuya Uechi one of only four master sushi in LA and you can taste that! Absolutely a place to try


Located in West Hollywood is one of the many restaurants owned by RoberT De Niro. We went there for new year’s eve, the food wasn’t great honestly but the party was nice!

Sugar Fish

I had been on their New York spot and I was curious to try this, the original one. It does not disappoint, the furniture are very simple as in new york, the menu is  cheap especially when the quality is that high (even though you will order so much Albacore tuna you’ll still manage to make it expensive!) one of my favorites!

Nobu Malibu

The location itself make this place  worth of a visit! The view of the malibu beach at the sunset is incredibly beautiful and of course the food that comes along is equally special. You can order both traditional and contemporary sushi, please don’t forget the cocktails!

Silver Ramen

my husband swear this is the best ramen in the world, he says he has looked a lot in NY for a place with such a high standard and says he hasn’t found one yet. The broth is awesome and the line is very long!

In n Out

I recall the place so and so, since now recreational weed is legal in California I thought I could try a bit before going to this famous burger spot and…. well, best burger ever!


This place used to be charlie chaplin’s house, now is a really cool spot. A bit more easy day time and slightly more formal in the evening, I had handws down the best salad of the past and present year


I was tremendously curious to try the “original” Nobu, infact it’s here that the chef was approached by actor and restaurant guru Robert De Niro in order to join forces and create what Nobu is today. The food is excellent, the place is packed and the menu is similar to the other Nobu but not the same. I had a caviar taco with guacamole that made my night!

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