I usually spend my summers at the sea and never, ever, had crossed my mind the idea to go to the mountains during summertime.

My friend Chantal though has invited me consistently to her house in Livigno over the past four\five years, this years she gave up and didn’t ask me, so of course I decided to invite myself and go…

I found out that I actually love going to the mountains summer time and I will be back for sure… here’s why

  1. It’s so peaceful . During summer the beach can be exhaustive, the search for the perfect spot actually turns into a life-threatening fight for a single spot, and you might end up in a tiny crowded space. That’s not going to happen in the mountains!
  2. You can eat more! When you are at higher altitude you actually burn more calories just to live, plus the chillier weather calls for some yummy comfort food also you’ll probably move more … You will find yourself hiking even if you don’t want to, because for sure there’s going to be something to be seen “just half an hour of walk away”. Be aware that’s what your in-shape friends will call it, but in reality you will be walking for hours…
  3. No effort. No search for the perfect dress or outfit. You just need a good pair of sneakers and hiking pants
  4. No sweating, fainting, low blood pressure you just have to sit and enjoy the breeze on the grass and you’ll still get a tan!
  5. The amazing landscape… here some pictures from my trip in Livigno (italy)
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