A list of places I enjoy in New York

Tavern 62 by David Burke
This place is a real gem! The ambience is super cozy the food is savory, comforting and yet sophisticated

Bar Italia
Upper east side
If you are doing some super chick shopping and you are being fabulous on Madison avenue stop here for a fancy Lychee-Martini and have some Veal Milanese
(Sounds like a bad combo? Please wait and try it!)

Candle Cafe
If you like food you have to try this place, if you are vegan you must try it, especially if you are an italian/European vegan their food is just so much better than the typical vegan food you can find in Italy. Burgers, Indian dishes, salads, fresh pressed juice and organic cocktail, everything is great! My favorite is the carrot cake

Central Park South
Sarabeth’s has been my first love in NY and still my favorite brunch spot: great eggs, awesome pancakes and the fluffy toast are just like a cloud in your mouth!

Bar Masa
Bar masa at the top of the columbus circle mall. In the same floor you can find some of the best restaurants of the city Per-Se with its outstanding view, the Central Bar, and the adjacent Bar Masa and Restaurant Masa. I haven’t been yet at the Restaurant but I have been a few times at Bar Masa and I really love their food.
Both meat and fish are great, and I find both the traditional sushi plates and the innovative dishes are really good.
My favorites is a cream of sea urchin that comes in its shell with white truffle on top, delicious!

I pride myself of not being one of those italian that miss Italy so much and think our country and our food are the best… but I admit that after a while there are things that make me feel nostalgic. There are places where you can have more sophisticated italian food in NY for sure but Tarallucci&Vino makes me feel at home, I can order a Spritz or a Negroni (God knows I love Aperol&Campari) order a bruschetta and then go …

Bel Ami

It’s a cute little spot on the upper east side where you can stop while transitioning from shopping to museums ( it’s fairly close both to the Met and the Guggenheim but far away from chaos and madness ) they have good cappuccinos and amazing pastries !

The picture portraits a Canelé if you’ve never tried it please do !

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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