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Mountains Vs Beach

I usually spend my summers at the sea and never, ever, had crossed my mind the idea to go to the mountains during summertime. My friend Chantal though has invited me consistently to her house in Livigno over the past four\five years, this…

How to deal with scan-xiet

I guess you have noticed a pattern here, it's hard guys. It's fucking hard. But I believe you can choose, you can choose to be tougher than all this crap and power through it. It's the only way and you have to do it for yourself. Crying won't help you, a mental breakdown won't help you, complaining the whole day won't help you. Fighting harder will make the trick, it will carry you through.


Dubai is probably nothing like what you have seen before. It’s one of those cities ( like Moscow, Bangkok or Rio de Jaineiro) that are just unique. What makes this metropolis so distinctive it’s the mixture of the modern architecture…

Story of my hair- Part two

Everyone asks me how I kept my hair healthy during that time, here's what I think I've done right

Ten reasons why you should visit the Maldives

The Maldives are a group of Islands in the indian ocean, they consist of a group of 26 atolls whose closest countries are Sri Lanka and India. The islands are roughly two meters above the sea level and that makes it the lowest country in…

10 ways to give back

Be a mother, be a sister, be a friend to the people that surround you


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