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The story of my hair - Part One (chemotherapy and dignicap)

The week before my first round of chemo - the so called red devil- I set down on the couch and thought to myself: " it's 2014 I can't believe there's not a way for me to keep my hair during chemo!" And there actually was one: I found out about dignicap and when I wrote to my oncologist I also found out they had the machine in my hospital but she didn't mention that to me!

Bachelorette Party

We got there, had some nice pasta, drinked some good Vermentino ( typical sardinian white wine ) smoked some Hookah danced the booze away and ... at the end I was surprised with a chest-naked guy that brought us a bottle of champagne, now that's what I call gender equality!

Horseback riding in Sardinia

Another “things you can do other than eating” kind of post! It looks like it could become my new niche ???? The other evening I texted my cousin Cecilia – she is also here in Sardinia for a couple of weeks – asking her if she…

Setting Healthy Boundaries

This might look like a feminist post but I don’t think so. I believe humans issues are everyone's issues !


I have been in the turkish part of Cyprus last week and I did a lot of yoga! Before pictures of the hotel and stuff I’d like to share some thoughts on yoga… When and why did I fall in love with yoga I found yoga when I was 25, at…

Sardinia: Porto Cervo

My mom usually spends her whole summer in our house in Porto Cervo while me and my dad come and go through out the months. Last week I was there with her, unfortunately there’s no exciting story about restaurants or typical food because I…


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