Last week we decided to go have dinner in Rione Monti at a restaurant called Madre.

It immediately occurred to my mind that an old friend of mine owns a yoga studio there (I also happen to be a yoga freak!) and  I decided to enjoy two of my favorite things in the world in one night: yoga&food !

I first went to Yogayur’s location in monti where my friend Federico introduce me to Fabrizio who taught us an intense, slow-paced and breath centered, a class that I really enjoyed.

For some reason though ( I mean, hello, I know the reason… I am smart like that ???? ) I confused Rione Monti for Monteverde, well, I really thought they were the same… but while Monteverde – as the name suggests, in Italian it means green hill – is a residential area where you essentially move by car, Rione Monti is a young lively place situated in the center of Rome, there people move by bikes or walking and the streets are mainly … cobblestone!

All the above to explain why this happened

While I now have a fancy vintage-looking picture that I can proudly share on my social medias, at the same time ,as you might see from my funny facial expression, I was really worried about the safety of my brand new loboutins !

Do not worry shoe lovers, the girls are safe and sound! I promptly turned myself into a ballerina and walked all around the neighborhood on the tips of my toes, on pointe !

We are now about to play a new game: spot the differences:

Same thing, right ?!

Anyhow… if you guys happen to be in Rome you must visit Monti and go to Yogayur for a nice yoga class ????????

Also… give Madre a try, it’s a bold mix for a in italian restaurant… their menu offers pizza, maritozzi*, ceviches, tacos, and a variety of fish and meat that you can cook yourself on a hot stone, all paired with nice wine and cocktails!

Maritozzo: I didn’t know what it was actually, and I was satisfied to learn something new about italian food. Maritozzi are usually a dessert made with a sweet bread and filled with whipped cream, at Madre they were turned into delicious sandwiches, I couldn’t quite enjoy them because I am on a pre-wedding diet but I definitely plan to go back in the fall!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you appreciate how brave I was sharing the very distressing story of my new shoes ???? !



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