Every time I come to Rome I end up discovering something new, this time was Via Margutta: the street of the artists.

The street owes it’s fame to artists like Federico Fellini and Picasso that once lived there, afterwards it was chosen as the house of Gregory Peck in the timeless movie: roman holidays. The fame of the movie led to an increase in prices that caused many artists, such as painters and sculptures, to leave the area. Nowadays it came back to its roots and is filled with numerous restaurants, art galleries,  interior design stores and marble engravers.

We decided to meet some friends for lunch at “Margutta Bio” where we enjoyed a nice vegetarian buffet ( I love Italian cuisine, but I think we really have to work on our idea of “vegetarian food” though, the main protein source was cheese, as it often happens in Europe!). After lunch we religiously enjoyed our espressos all together (you never say “no” to someone that offers you an espresso here in Italy, it’s how most of our love stories and friendships start -and end-), we thought our experience with via Margutta was done but little did we know we found ourselves back there again for dinner with my fiancé’s sister. We went to “Babette” a really nice place, with lots of books and art pieces inside that create a warm atmosphere, good italian food on top of that. At this point we were hooked with via Margutta and as the italian say goes “there’s not a second time without a third one!” so we decide to go for our only solo roman date to the famous Osteria Margutta. First of all for all those who are not familiar with the term “osteria” (I feel really sorry for you guys!) it’s a small restaurant where typical regional italian food is served, originally it indicated a cheap place, nowadays it can also be a michelin star restaurant, so be aware!
In osteria Margutta I finally enjoyed a great dish of pasta all’amatriciana ( you guys prove to be steady followers I will eventually share my recipe with you ???? !) and a superb tagliolini al limone, pasta with lemon and butter (not very traditional for us, but I really enjoyed a nice variation on a classic!) we paired these yummy dishes with a great italian red wine -my current favorite- Barolo.

My face really says it all: pasta is life guys! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it will be useful even if just for dreaming about Rome or to give you an idea for your next trip! See you soon with my description of the great ” rione monti” another beautiful area in Rome!



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