My mom usually spends her whole summer in our house in Porto Cervo while me and my dad come and go through out the months.
Last week I was there with her, unfortunately there’s no exciting story about restaurants or typical food because I was on a strict diet and daily workout regimen, I asked my mom to help me and guys she would be an excellent nutritionist! Truth to be told she rarely follow her own advices and survives on a diet of champagne and san carlo chips! She’s a real diva guys! Gotta love her !

Jokes apart I will write a post about losing weight as a cancer patient, maybe I can help some fellow survivor ( or some fellow survivor could help me: helloooo I am here!!! ) because it is proving to be quite the ultimate challenge… the combination of hormonal suppresion, chemo pills, other pills, pills for the other pills, tiredness and bla bla just make the fat want to stick quite stubbornly on me, and I understand it, I am quite a lovable person and I wouldn’t want to leave me ass well ???????????? ! ( me ass is a typo but it reads like leave my ass which it’s actually quite the point !!! )

Anyhow, even though it might sound absurd to any native Italian ear’s it is actually possibile to have fun without indulging in amazing luxurious food! This is how I did it:

I went to a flea market that takes place every friday in porto cervo in front of  the sottovento club. I bought some linen shirts for my husband-to-be and I was pleased both with the price and the quality, while my mom bought a lot of decors for the house in the shape of wooden-fishes and other interesting objects.

I left my heart on a 400 euros white cotton caftan and instead I bought an ankles-long cotton  t-shirt (25 euros ???? ) and I absolutely love it, now I don’t want to take it off like … ever !!!

Another lovely activity was going with my mom for an aperitivo in the “center” of Porto Cervo or maybe I could say porto cervo downtown????. Because of the aforementioned diet my aperitif consisted of sparkling water with ice and lemon instead of aperol spritz as the Gods commanded us!- afterwards I enjoyed a bit of shopping – hey, I have to indulge in something, right??? –

here’s my outfit for the little porto-cervo escapade, I am posting it cause I was absolutely in love with it ! Please note my little bag and be aware that my I-phone plus doesn’t even fit in there !!

I didn’t mention the beautiful Sardinian Sea which is the main reason why you should go and visit … but I will write a post about my adventures by boat on the seas of sardinia in beautiful areas like tahiti, mortorio, spargi, asinara, la pelosa and my favorite place Bonifacio- Corsica!

Now I am off to Cyprus – turkish part – for a week of Hallumi and yoga ???? !

I hope you enjoyed the post and gathered some ideas of how to have fun in places other than the dinner table!



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