1. The Maldives are a group of Islands in the indian ocean, they consist of a group of 26 atolls whose closest countries are Sri Lanka and India. The islands are roughly two meters above the sea level and that makes it the lowest country in the world; in-fact the Maldives are sinking! Some islands already sunk and some are being eroded right now as we write and read … this is the number one reason why you should visit the Maldives! Who knows how long they are gonna be here for?
  2. They are the best place in the world. Believe me… I have been lucky in my life and I have traveled a lot! I have seen most of the Caribbean, Seychelles, Mauritius, thailand, Fiji, Sardinia, Sicily, Greece islands, Ibiza, south of France and I am afraid I am forgetting something … but in terms of Sea and peace I believe nothing can compare to the Maldives. Funny fact: I hate doing whole body scans, they give so much anxiety… like real anxiety. I can’t breathe, I sweat, I have horrible nightmares before… while I am in the machine I always think about the Maldives!
  3. There are bio luminescent phenomenons in many areas… I will go tonight on a snorkeling tour to see the fishes and I have one been scuba diving during the night with the bioluminescent plants and corals and it was pretty awesome ! I have never seen this on the shore but something very similar in the water!
  4. The weather is awesome, it is hot but it doesn’t kill you; you have seen the pictures and this is like… rainy season!
  5. You can take a break during your trip and stop one night in Dubai !
  6. It is with no doubts a luxurious vacation and an exclusive experience but it doesn’t have all the fuss and awful snob attitude you can find in places like *** *** *** (insert name here ???? ) so it means you can enjoy an amazing resort with people actually smiling at each other and you don’t need to wear your makeup to look your absolute best…
  7. Actually all you need is a swimsuit and a pareo. Ladies you don’t need to wear shoes! It means that you tired covered-in-blisters feet can actually rest !!!
  8. The sunset is beautiful but is super early which means at 9 maximum you’ll probably go to sleep so it’s a vacation where you will actually rest!
  9. I woke up this morning and I saw a small shark from my water villa
  10. The food won’t be elaborate, but I can guarantee on fresh fish and really tasty fruits and juices!

    … Like this lychee juice !

Guys I rest my case, tell me what you think about it !!!



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