I am a bit late with this post about the finishing year… You’ll have to forgive me, I have been late answering messages, buying xmas gift, even my thoughts are coming to my mind slowlier than usual.

This year confirms a universal truth, maybe bitter, ma all in all extremely honest: in life you don’t get anything if you don’t give something in return.

It’s not meant to be one of those mad quotes that belong to those who believe that life owe them something,  it’s just what it is, a simple truth in front of which we all have to bend the knee.

This year I’ve met the love of my life, in the most romantic way I could ever dream.

As every cynical person I dreamt about a perect love without even dare to say it out loud.

I called that perfect love, I thought about it, without even realizing it I described it in every word I wrote. When he arrived I realized that I didn’t need many of the notions I thought I have regarding love, I don’t need to quest my feelings  anymore I just need to be.

Then what was supposed to be a romantic vacation for two people automatically turned into the wedding of my dreams, there were only our truest friends, people that were happy to share that moment with us and that knew how much life has cost me so far, I wanted to share that moment with people that knew the value of moments over the value of objects.

2018 ended with a big, huge silence. I faced another battle that I am happy to say I won, there will be other battles I know, I have no delusion. But whatever forced me to radiotherapy is gone, and that’s victory enough for me today.

Now I will spend almost a month in the beautiful California and I want to turn all the silence of the past months in words and emotions.


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