Keep calm.

I know it’s dangerous to tell a lady to keep calm, but in certain circumstances it’s not only allowed but almost mandatory, weddings are definitely one of those circumstances.

Keep calm because, I promise, the day will be perfect with or without every single detail being so.


Please beautiful bride, keep eating! I understand – well not really- that you want to be the skinniest of them all, but won’t you rather be the most glowing? the most serene? and don’t worry, if you should gain some weight pre-wedding or not be at the weight you wish you had, you can still pretend to be pregnant! (or wear spanx !) 

Do not fight for God’s sake!

I am not talking about a fight with just anyone, I am talking about your maid of honor! You guys have been friends for years, this is not, I repeat: this is NOT,  the moment to give her a speech about her tacky taste in terms of outfits and even tackier taste in men. You have kept these thoughts to yourself for so many years and, if you don’t want a maid of honor dressed in white giving drunk speeches, you better not start sharing your opinions now.

Be comfortable.

Plan ahead to have a post dinner dress and comfortable shoes, or you won’t remember anything about the day only the pain in your feet and the difficulty breathing.

Take good care of yourself.

a couple of weeks before the wedding stop doing sports, it enhances the level of the stress hormone cortisol, double the yoga and the breathing techniques.

The days and the hours before the wedding day get a detox body and massage and a facial so your face won’t be puffy or swollen, treat yourself to a great mask with a glow effect (my favorite is from Sisley)  and enjoy …. remember that everyday, but especially on this one, your best beauty ally is a smile!

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