But do not worry folks, today I am an idiot again!

I always say that the creative work is like an enormous roller coaster and holy shit I was right yet another time !

Talking about creative work… In the past ten days I had a major break through in my novel and since then I have been working non stop. I was pretty in love with my writing till yesterday when I was reading it out loud to my mother trying to gain some perspective on said work. That’s when I decided I was an idiot, because…

art should disturb the  comfortable and comfort the disturbed

and I guess my book doesn’t really achieve this ambitious goal …

But this time I will persist, I won’t cancel anything nor I will stop writing for 10 days at a time. I’ll do this for 3 reasons

  1. I’d like to see my book published still in this century
  2. I need to strive, thrive, and persist!
  3. Maybe I should stop to look up to Dostoevskij and Milan Kundera and come to the conclusion that even  writing an “ok” book would be pretty cool and at least would mean that I had been true to myself and my passion

….. hoping that making this a statement will force me to keep going at the fast pace  I was going at while I thought I was a genius 😉

Any thoughts on the subject ?



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