I have been in the turkish part of Cyprus last week and I did a lot of yoga!

Before pictures of the hotel and stuff I’d like to share some thoughts on yoga…

When and why did I fall in love with yoga

I found yoga when I was 25, at the time I felt like I was the last one of earth that hadn’t figured out yet what she wanted to do with her life and then… yoga was there! And I just fell so deeply in love with how it made me and other people feel and the community around it. A few years later I opened a yoga studio with my teacher/friend/bridesmaid and a lot more and … now our studio is our baby and we love it very much !

What has yoga taught me through the years?

First of all yoga has changed my body in ways I didn’t think were possible, I was a clumsy fat kid and the possibility to balance my body on my arms never really crossed my mind … until I made it !

I always say this but guys it is true, the first time my teacher told me to put my wrists on my feet bending over, I thought she was crazy

Yoga made me realize that we can do so much more than we think, we don’t use our bodies to their full capacity and it’s such a pity!

Yoga taught me that each one has its own path and that we need patience… at first I thought I only had to bend my body, but in reality is the mind that needs time to grow and achieve more.

How yoga helped me through cancer

I wanted really badly to become a yoga teacher – with our yoga style/ yoga group is a long process 5 years of practice and then 3/4 years of course – and I kept getting cancer, I couldn’t let cancer slow me down cause I had to become a teacher. And I am stubborn, like … the kind of stubborn that makes you go to yoga four days after chemo with no energy in your body. That’s how you get shit done though, you keep going, one foot in front of the other, no matter what.

Little did I know that helped me so much, my breast -I had a mastectomy- improved a lot, my arm went back to normal -I had an axillary dissection- my hot flashes -I am in menopause- become more manageable, I didn’t have as much fatigue as before, I wasn’t so stressed all the time because I had a zone where I was allowed to just sink in my body without thinking…

Last but not least guys… yoga is FUN it gave me this smile and I don’t think there’s much to add !!!

I hope I’ve inspired someone to get on their mat today!!!

Love and light,



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